Outlook 2007 Export Distribution List to file

Published: 2/5/2009

There is no visable way to export a distribution list in Outlook 2007, using the menu choices in Outlook 2007, so it can be confusing and even make you think you can´t do it. But there is a pretty easy way.

In Outlook 2007, View the contacts pane and choose the view "Outlook Data Files"

Highlight the the distribution list you want to export. If there are more than 1 list you want to export, select them all by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on the list with your mouse.

When they are all selected, use the top menu bar in Outlook Contacts View. Click File > Save As and save it as a text file.

Then you can open it in Excel and massage the data as needed for import into another program or database.

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