Remote Tech Support

Waztech will attempt to provide remote support.  You will need to download a software program and run it on your computer.  Here is an overview of the process and instructions.

Remote support is accomplished by running a software program that allows you to open a connection between your computer and a technician's computer at


The remote support software is very secure. You control the connection, you must open it on your end (it does not stay open all the time - that would be a security problem), and you must manually approve when Waztech asks to control your computer. This gives you security, because no one can take control of your computer without your knowledge or permission.

Live Person Required

You cannot open a connection to Waztech's support technician unless the technician is waiting for your connection request. You must establish an appointment date and time to do remote support.


Click to Download the remote support program. It is called WaztechSupport.exe and it is an executable program (.exe). It is 765KB in size. Your computer may warn you that you are downloading a program.

Choose SAVE to save the file on your computer. Save this program to your desktop.

Run Program

Switch to your desktop, and double click the file you just downloaded WaztechSupport.exe. You may see a security warning.

Choose RUN to start the program.


The progam will start and the license terms will be shown.

You are granted a temporary license to use this software for the duration of the remote support call. Wait for the button "Continue with Freeware" to be shown, then click it.


The program screen will display.

Click the "Connect to Admin" button. Don't worry about any other settings.


Enter the address of the support technician.

Use the value "" unless your technician tells you to use a different address. Click "OK".


Enter the port of the support technician.

Use the value "1975" unless your technician tells you to use a different port. Click "OK".


The software will attempt to connect to the remote technician. If it cannot connect, it will display a warning message.

Click NO to cancel the connection attempt. Contact the technician at for assistance.


When the software does make a connection, it will display a confirmation dialog box.

Click OK.


Next, the remote technician from will open a connection to your desktop. It will display a warning dialog box.

Click "Yes, that's OK."

This will allow the remote technician from to control your mouse on the screen, and help resolve your problem.


When the remote technician is connected to your computer, a pair of eyes will be shown in the top right corner of your screen.

This indicates that someone is connected to your computer and is watching your screen.

Online Chat

The technician may also open an online chat with you. You will see a chat window displayed.

Click in the bottom portion and type. Press ENTER to send your message. You can use the magnifying glasses to make the text bigger or smaller.


To disconnect the remote technician from your computer, right click on the EYES icon in the top right corner of your screen, and click on "END SESSION".

This will disconnect the remote technician from your computer.

If the remote technician disconnects first, the program will automatically close.

Close Program

If the program is still running, but the progam window is not displayed, double-click on the icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

This will bring the program screen back to normal size. Click on the small red X in the upper right corner of the program window to close the program.

Delete Program

To comply with the temporary license for use of this program, you must delete the program from your computer. Right click on the software, and click delete from the pop up menu.

Remember to empty this program from the recycle bin to complete the terms of the temporary license for use.

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